Apicoectomy in Glen Cove, NY

Apicoectomy in Glen Cove, NY

Apicoectomy is a surgical endodontic procedure that can be used to remove infected tissue from the root tip. Apicoectomy is often recommended after root canal therapy and retreatment has failed. The infected tissues will be removed, and the tooth will be allowed to heal, thereby keeping it from being extracted.

Apicoectomy is a minor oral surgery that removes a tiny portion of your tooth’s root tip. This surgical procedure can effectively treat a dental abscess and reduce the risk of the infection spreading to other areas of your mouth.

What is an apicoectomy used for?

What is an apicoectomy used for?The dentist may recommend an apicoectomy if an infection is present around the tip of the tooth root. These infections are often those resulting from oral trauma, such as a knocked-out tooth. A root canal may also be performed if the infection is severe enough.

What are the benefits of an apicoectomy?

While a root canal treatment is effective at removing infected and damaged tissue, sometimes the infected tissue may be difficult to remove, causing pain and swelling. In these cases, an apicoectomy may be necessary. During an apicoectomy, an incision is made in the gum tissue, and the damaged tissue is removed. The hole is then treated with a filling to prevent reinfection and inflammation.

What happens after an apicoectomy?

Apicoectomy is an outpatient procedure. The patient typically experiences little to no discomfort or pain. Recovery is usually rapid. Within a few hours, the patient can resume normal activities. Recovery differs for each patient, but typically the discomfort associated with the procedure dissipates within a few days.

After your dentist completes an apicoectomy, it’s important to follow all of your aftercare instructions to reduce your risk for complications. In some cases, a follow-up treatment may be necessary. If pain, swelling, bleeding, or fever occurs, see your dentist as soon as possible.


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