Laser Dentistry in Glen Cove, NY

Laser Dentistry in Glen Cove, NY

Laser dentistry is a very specialized field of dentistry that is used to treat certain dental conditions. Laser dentistry uses light energy as a type of treatment, and dental lasers can be used in many different ways. Lasers can be used for removing the decay, repairing fillings, whitening teeth, and for reshaping gums. Also, lasers can be used to remove overgrown tissue in the mouth.

How does Laser Dentistry work?

Laser dentistry uses light energy to perform procedures such as cavity treatment, gum disease treatment, and teeth whitening. Laser dentistry is beneficial for patients who want to avoid the long recovery periods associated with certain dental procedures, such as gum surgery. Laser dentistry is also suitable for patients with dental anxiety because the laser is less invasive than drills or other devices.

Laser Dentistry treatment types

Contrary to popular thought, laser dentistry isn’t only used on hard tissues. Laser dentistry can also be used to treat soft tissue. Soft tissue laser dentistry treatments include laser gum contouring and gum disease treatment.

Laser dentistry is commonly used to reshape a gummy smile or to prepare a patient for the placement of a dental crown. It can also be used to remove decay from a tooth or gum line. Laser dentistry is advantageous because it can often be completed without the need for anesthesia, and the laser can actually target the tissue in a more precise manner than a traditional drill.

Common myths about Laser Dentistry

Despite the name, laser dentistry isn’t necessarily about lasers. The laser in laser dentistry refers more to the method the dentist uses to precisely remove decay and infected gum tissue than the tool itself. Laser dentistry uses concentrated beams of light to target problem areas in the gums. Lasers can be used to correct gum disease, remove excess gum tissue, and reduce the size of an overgrown gumline.

Laser dentistry refers to the use of dental lasers in procedures to reshape the gums and remove decay. These procedures can be more precise, minimize discomfort, and improve recovery time than traditional methods.

Are laser treatments painful?

Laser dentistry procedures are less invasive and more precise than traditional surgeries. Most patients only feel a slight vibration or warm sensation during their treatments. Recovery is also much quicker. Many patients feel well enough to return to work the same day.

Laser procedures are completely safe, and most patients feel very little discomfort afterward. Laser treatments can also often be completed without anesthesia, depending on the procedure.

Key Treatments

Orthodontic bracket removal

Oral Surgery


Orthodontic bracket removal

Peri Implantitis

Pain Management



Laser-Assisted Ceramic Debonding

Clinical Result Examples


Carious Dentine Removal

Orthodontic bracket removal

Cavity Preparation

Cavity Preparation

Ceramic veneer bridge removal

Ceramic veneer removal

Closed Curettage

Crown Lengthening

Enamel Erosion Treatment


Fibroma Removal

Frenectomy Treatment


Leukoplakia Treatment

Hemangioma Treatment

Hemangioma and Fibroma Treatment

Peri-implant Mucositis

Laser-Assisted Ceramic Debonding


Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

Hemangioma Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

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