Liplase in Glen Cove, NY

Liplase in Glen Cove, NY

What is LipLase?

LipLase is a safe, non-surgical, non-invasive laser lip treatment that is used to improve the appearance of the lips by adding more volume to the lips via stimulating collagen and elastin production within the lips. The result of the LipLase treatment is plump, smoother, and youthful-looking lips without any downtime.

The results of the treatment include:

  • Fuller, plump, smoother lips
  • Stimulates collagen remodeling
  • Initiates new collagen synthesis
  • Non-invasive treatment without any downtime

LipLase laser treatment gently sculpts, enhances, and smooths the appearance of your lips without surgery or downtime. The laser uses gentle pulses of energy that target the lips for targeted lip enhancement.

What Are the Benefits of LipLase?

Fillers require needles and anesthesia and can cause bruising and swelling, as well as discomfort. On the other hand, LipLase is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that can be performed quickly with minimal discomfort. Because no incisions are made, there is little risk of infection or scarring.

Who Should Consider LipLase?

Adults who have thin lips and want a natural-looking enhancement should consider LipLase.

How Does LipLase Lip Enhancement Treatment Work?

The procedure is performed from the inside and outside areas of the mouth. Since it doesn't involve any needles, the entire procedure is comfortable with no risk of scarring or bruises. The lip enhancement procedure uses laser energy to gently heat the soft tissues of the mouth. The laser energy liquefies the collagen in the targeted area, causing the skin to tighten and plump. Collagen is necessary for skin volume and laxity besides offering anti-aging benefits. Elastin and collagen also prevent the sagging of skin and maintain skin elasticity. The collagen that is produced during the procedure also continues to produce new collagen for up to a year after treatment, thus helping to maintain a more youthful appearance and tighter, voluminous, and smoother lips.

LipLase treatment generally takes less than 1 hour to perform. While the treatment requires no anesthetic, a topical anesthetic may be applied as the patients may feel minimal warmth emitted by the laser on their lips. After treatment, patients can resume their regular activities.LipLase treatment provides immediate results with zero downtime. After one LipLase treatment session, your lips will be noticeably smoother and fuller, and results can last up to one year.

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